Welcome to Williamson County's MyGovCenter

Williamson County is committed to financial transparency. As one of the fastest growing Counties in the nation, we believe that open government is an accountable government. In this spirit, the county partnered with Mo'mix Solutions to provide a platform in which our citizens have centralized access to meaningful financial information.

Within MyGovCenter, you can find information about the County's budget, financial status, spending, debt, contracts, tax rates, elected officials, and much more.

The Payment Dashboard page provides interactive visualizations, analytics and reports related to Williamson County's spending. You can filter by calendar or fiscal year and search for specific types of spending across the county, or all spending for public service, such as Community Services. We invite you to spend some time exploring your county's data and providing feedback on how we can continue to serve our community.

 Where the Money Comes From

                                         (as of fiscal year ended 9/30/23*).                

  Where the Money Goes         

(as of fiscal year ended 9/30/23*).                    
*These charts were prepared using the Modified Accrual Basis of Accounting.                
Spending reported on other pages of this site reflect a Cash Basis