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Provides visualizations and data exploration for Williamson County's spend data by the following elements:

  • Public Service
  • Department
  • Spend Category
  • Expense Category
  • Vendor/Payee
  • Fiscal Year
  • Calendar Year
  • Date Range
  • Document ID

If you allow your cursor to hover over the bars in the charts, you will be able to see what each bar represents. The graphs automatically change every 40 seconds, or you can click on the circle beneath the graph to forward through to the next visualization.

The bars on each graph are hyperlinked to the specific spending transactions that the graph illustrates.

The Grid view hyperlink above the visualization displays the information on the graphical visualization as numeric data in a table format within a new browser window which can be exported to an excel spreadsheet. (A new browser window displays the information).
Grid View

Bottom Navigation Bar

Provides views of different spend categories for the Fiscal/Calendar year selected.
Bottom Navigation Bar

Show Details Hyperlink

Clicking on this hyperlink expands the page to show another layer of detailed Spend information.
Show Details

Column Arrows

The arrow in front of the column heading changes the sort order of the information by greatest or least amounts.
Column Arrow

Plus ButtonButton

By clicking on the ‘+’ the widget will expand from a ‘Top 5’ listing to display a maximum of 150 rows of records. When expanded, the ‘+’ symbol will transform to the ‘-‘ symbol and a ‘Details’ link will appear next to the ‘-‘ symbol. Clicking on the ‘Details’ link will provide an exportable, detail transaction page. Clicking on the ‘-‘ symbol will collapse the records back down to ‘Top 5”.

Blue Hyperlinks

Clicking on the blue hyperlinks will refresh the page for the information selected.
Blue Hyperlinks

Export ButtonButton

To download data to your own computer, click on the Export button, then select the pages to export. This will download a CSV file to your computer that can be opened or imported into Microsoft Excel.
Download Transaction Data

Ways to Search for Information

All Public Services

Allows users to select information on a particular public service by choosing from a pre-populated drop down list.
All Public Services

Year Filter

Allows the user to select the fiscal or calendar year to limit a search of spend data.
Year Filter

Search Payments

Allows the user to search through all spending transactions and is equipped with smart search capability. Type in partial names of vendor, departments or expense categories to find all spending transactions that meet your search criteria.
Search Payments

Advanced Search

Advanced search gives the user the ability to narrow their searches by a series of different filters; i.e., Public Service, Department, Expense Category, etc.
Advanced Search

Faceted Search

Allows users to explore a collection of information by applying multiple filters employing a hierarchy structure.
Faceted Search